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Cultivating Real Medicine

In Belle Fourche, SD, our indoor and outdoor cultivators are growing some of the cleanest cannabis in the country. Dakota Green Cultivators has spent years refining its cannabis cultivation process in order to produce reliable, effective cannabis products consistently. Our team believes in using only the cleanest and most nutritious soil to grow our cannabis crops. We use a crafted blend of living organic soil that is free of heavy metals, pesticides, and GMOs. The nutrients that we add to the soil surpass the Organic Materials Review Institute’s (OMRIs) standard. Paying close attention to these details allows us to grow the healthiest cannabis plants possible. We grow our plants indoors and outdoors in order to yield a large variety of different strains. We offer a diverse selection of products ensuring that you can find the perfect variant for your needs.


Indoor Cultivation Vs. Outdoor Cultivation

With recent advances in the field, cannabis plants can now be grown both inside and outside. In order for our team to provide the largest variety of cannabis products to patients, we choose to grow our plants in both indoor and outdoor environments. The main difference between growing cannabis indoors versus outside is that you can control environmental factors in an indoor setting. We control the amount of light, humidity, soil, water, and temperature in our indoor growing rooms. When you grow cannabis outdoors, it is exposed to all of the elements, including rain, pets, sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and humidity changes. However, growing cannabis outdoors allows for natural sunlight, which cannot be replicated entirely in an indoor environment. The plants that grow inside versus outside typically have different densities and colors, but they are both successful growing environments.

Experience the Cleanest Cannabis

Whether you choose our strains grown outside or inside, the cannabis product that you receive is still one of the cleanest on the market. Even in our outdoor growing environment, we control the soil inputs and nutrients. Since we monitor both growing environments closely, the products from both are clean, effective, and grade-A-rated. We run our operations this way in order to produce real medicine. We strive to make products that meet South Dakota cardholders’ needs. If you are looking for the best place to purchase medical cannabis in the area, you have found it. Visit one of our two dispensary locations today or give us a call.

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